How healthy is your relationship account?


Are you so focused on negativity that you don't even notice the positive anymore?

Parents tend to be quick to criticize and slow to notice or reward positive behavior.

Couples start focusing on problems and conflict and soon can't even remember why they love each other.

Author and researcher Dr. Goleman insists that to survive and thrive there needs to be a ratio of 5-9 positive interactions for every negative one. How do you score?

It works just like your bank account. If you make more withdrawals than deposits, you are soon bankrupt! 

Try playing "detective" for a week. Notice the positive all around you.

Make sure you make positive and encouraging comments to those you love. Be specific and generous. Remark on the positive as soon as you notice it.

I can guarantee you that after a couple of weeks you will notice that you and your family will be happier and will feel better about each other.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Photo by 401(K) via Flickr