8 Quick Tips to Keep Your Marriage Healthy for the Long-Term 


“All marriages are happy. It’s the living together afterward that causes all the trouble”. -Raymond Hull

Strategies for Relationship Happiness

How do you make your marriage work? Do you just blindly hope for the best and think it will take care of itself?

When you are dating someone you’re attracted to, you have fun, great conversation and more than enough sexual chemistry. You don’t have to “work at” the date because it runs as smoothly as a well oiled machine, and you can’t wait for another ride!

But marriage, or any long term relationship; well that’s a whole different story. . .

If you’re not careful, marriage can deteriorate into little more than a torture chamber, filled with routine boredom, frustration and resentment. When you add the external pressures of life, sometimes marriage feels not worth the effort. Yet there are major benefits to being hitched or committed.

Healthy marriage, healthy people

Being happily married has heaps of health benefits. 1. A good marriage can help you clock up more years. 2. Married people are happier even though they don’t always look like it from the outside.

On the other hand, when marriage doesn’t work it can feel like a life sentence manacled to a maniac or nailed to a nag. Now, that’s not healthy. I often hear couples say stuff like: “We want to make our marriage work, but we don’t have a clue how!”

Making it work

Much research has been done on what to do and not do to make your marriage, or any intimate relationship work. If you follow specific guidelines you too can become “good at marriage.”

Here are 8 quick tips to keep your marriage healthy:

  1. Be romantic but keep it real.

  2. Apologize and Accept apologies.

  3. Be careful of the big four toxic ways of reacting to communication.

  4. There are some things you should not talk about.

  5. Remember the 5:1 ration rule: 5 positives for each negative.

  6. Be able to read your “love maps.”

  7. Work it out, but know when to stop.

  8. Laugh together and you’ll stay together.

I wrote an article giving you the details of these best 8 known secrets for making marriage work. It includes suggestions for specific actions you can take. If you want a complimentary copy, fill the form on the sidebar at the right, or simply click below on the title of the article, and we will send you the article:

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