Hope. . . good or bad?

Hope is one of those words that brings lots of good feelings. When people become hopeless they get depressed, “lose heart,” “give up.” Some even want to die. No case of suicide has ever happened because the person had too much hope. Without hope you don’t take action on anything, much less tackle change. Hope gets you up in the morning. As a couple, hope makes you stay together, strategize and act upon your dreams and goals. 

So hope is good. . . right? Well. . . kind of. . . You see, hope can also derail you. Here is the deal. I know that hoping the weather will work out the way I want it to, is pointless.  But it makes me feel better.  It’s like hoping my baseball team will win, even though I have no influence over the result.


When I talk to couples, many express a “hope” that they can make changes in their relationship. If I ask, do you think you will be successful? They usually answer with a sigh: “I hope so! That's why we are contacting you!” 

That is not the kind of hope that will help you change. If you just hope that you will do better, feel better, communicate better, or take control of that “nasty” habit better, but have no specific action plan, you will most likely fail at change.

Not only that, to establish a new habit of relating requires commitment, practice, and perseverance. That is easier if you can follow a well design plan and are accountable to someone for sticking to it. That's the reason why I have developed specific programs for couples that need help making changes in their relationship.

You could start by asking for my free 8 Proven Strategies to Keep Romance Alive which include practical actions to take. If you start taking action today, your hope will more likely turn into real positive changes.

You deserve better! Don’t just hope you will have a better relationship, take action to rekindle your love and enjoy more happiness in your life!