Relaxation Day!

Grab a hammock and relax!

Grab a hammock and relax!

How to relax even if you are a busy professional and/or have small children.

Yes the photo above is a place where I went with my husband to just kick back and do nothing at all.

Letting all the stresses of life just leave me as I let the beautiful day consume and relax me. . .  Ahhhhhh yes, feel that breeze as it blows. There's nothing like it. 

Mark National Relaxation Day (August 15), on your calendar! This day serves as a reminder to take it easy. Making time for relaxation is not only beneficial for your mood, but also has long-term benefits. Stress can cause many problems and common illnesses. People who know how to relax have a better handle on their good mental, emotional, relational, and physical health. As a result, they can deal better with the stresses of work and life.

Life can be very fast pace at times and we all need a day to celebrate like this one. So go ahead, you can let yourself have this day for yourself. You deserve it. Just kick back and relax. Get rid of that hectic lifestyle and enjoy this day, alone or with your partner. 

If you need ideas, check out the following 10 tips on relaxing to make celebrating this holiday a breeze:

1. Spend time outdoors

Studies show, being in nature or even the view of nature can reduce stress, fear and anger. Whether it is a forest or a park, nature can provide a soothing escape to help improve your mood. Findings have discovered that being active in a natural environment at least once a week is sufficient for positive benefits. If you can’t make time to go out for a walk, go outside for a daily activity you would otherwise do inside to get your weekly dose of nature.

2. Ignore Your To Do List  

Most people have mile long lists to be completed that just never go away.  Take this one day off from your to do list.

3.  Unplug  

If ignoring your to do list is difficult, disconnecting yourself from social media, constantly checking e-mails, or texting all day long might also be a challenge. However, if you can convince yourself to stay unplugged for even several hours, you can use that time to daydream or do something else calming that you normally wouldn’t make the time to do.

4.  Find Water

One of the most soothing ways to escape from a stressful day is to indulge in a luxurious hot bath. Of course, during the heat of summer, that might not sound appealing, so find another way to enjoy the comfort of water—taking a cool shower, sticking your feet in bucket of  ice water, hydrating with a fruit-infused seltzer water, or heading to a lake, pond, beach or pool. And, If it happens to be raining, stand outside and let the natural drops soak into your face and skin.

Intimacy-1-Couple on beach.png

5. Have extra sleep.

If you’re always up at the crack of dawn- allow yourself some extra time in bed. There is no greater feeling than when you can turn off your alarm completely and rise in your own time. Or Take a nap. No one will judge you on this day because today is a day for napping if that’s what you wish. Recharge those batteries with a quick forty winks.


6. Listen to classical music.

Any music you enjoy is bound to make you feel better, but classical music, in particular, has been shown to slow heart rate, lower blood pressure and even decrease levels of stress hormones.

7. Find something to make you laugh.

Watching a funny video online does more than just brighten your afternoon, it physically helps to relax you by increasing the endorphins released by your brain.

8. Read

One of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to escape real life is to pick up a good book and read. Reading can be a wonderful and healthy escape from the stress of everyday life and can even relax your body by lowering your heart rate and easing the tension in your muscles. A 2009 study at the University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%.  So grab your favorite read and let the unwinding begin.


9. Take a mini mental vacation.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, take a moment to close your eyes and picture a particularly relaxing scene. It may sound cheesy, but numerous studies show that just a few minutes of disengaging from your stressors rejuvenates your ability to tackle the work.

10. Eat Pie!  

It just so happens that August 15th is also National Lemon Meringue Pie Day so if all else fails and you still haven’t found a way to relax today, eat pie!

lemon merengue pie.jpg

Extra! Don’t underestimate the power of a deep breath

Bring your attention to your breathing. Focus on expanding and contracting your lungs to their full capacity for a couple of deep breathes for the next minute.  While shallow breathing stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and is a marker of stress, deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which gives the opposite effect – makes you feel calm. A couple deep breathes throughout the day, are all it takes to feel the benefits. Best of all, you can take this tool with you where ever you go!

Remember. . .

Mark you calendar for the 15th and plan how YOU are going to relax!

P.S.  If you want to know more about how to calm yourself, you can learn more by following the suggestions in a booklet and audio guided meditations I have prepared. You will learn how to control your emotions and reactions in any circumstance. And you will be able to do this in 10 minutes or less! Of course, to be able to do this, you will need to practice what is shared here on a regular basis. Here is the link where you can learn all about it: