Effective Communication Program

Welcome to week 5 of the Effective Communication Program! To live together with satisfaction, couples need clear, regular communication. This six week program is about three essential communication elements: attitude, desire and skill. This is the 5th week and we will start talking about skills for dialogue.  Think of the communication skills as reminders rather than rules. They’re reminders to pay attention to thoughts, feelings, communication, assumptions, and judgments. Held lightly, the skills we explore will ease you into dialogue. Grip too tightly and they will trap you into a limiting system. 


Week 5 - Skills for Dialogue (part 1)

Skill refers to your ability to communicate directly and clearly, repair relationship ruptures, manage differences, negotiate solutions, and solve problems together. Several basic skills live at the core of dialogue, and it’s important to learn and practice these skills for a dialogue that will nurture connection and intimacy.