Inspirational Quotes for Thriving

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What is thriving?

You might wonder why I have chosen to help you thrive instead of talking about the ever popular "happy." The ability to thrive is defined as the ability for a person to grow as a human being through good times and through life struggles. It is a very individual journey of living as experienced and valued by the individual.

Every person's journey is different. How you get there is connected by the recognition that happiness and thriving are connected to elements such as finding individual meaning through relationships, courage, leisure time, what you love to do in life, building creativity, love, and connections.

“Surviving is necessary. Thriving is elegant,” says a lovely quote by Maya Angelou.  Thriving is an energized state of being, instead of simply going through the motions day after day, purposeful living creates an atmosphere that allows your body and soul to flourish. Practice this elegance in your day-to-day life, allowing your soul to thrive.

Thriving is the product of the pursuit and engagement of an authentic and purpose driven life that brings inner joy and happiness through meeting goals, being connected with life passions, finding the rest that renews and relishing in accomplishments through the peaks and valleys of life.

Hope what I share here will inspire you to thrive!

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