From Couples

Through our coaching conversations with Dr. Ada we learned how to talk in ways that deepened our connection and reduced our conflicts. We now spend more time together, laugh more, and are more connected.
Before, we were not sure if we would stay together. Now, we can’t imagine life without each other. A year of couples coaching gave us the best return on our investment. We are so glad we decided to do couple’s coaching!
— Jim and Tracy
I have been shy an insecure for most of my life. That had a lot to do with feeling depressed and fearful of going out. Working with Dr. Ada I was able to gain confidence in myself and started making friends. Not only I’m a happier person now, but also found a better job and the love of my life!
— Lilly
Dr. Ada was able to quickly detect what was wrong and then helped us find the best path going forward. The counseling met and surpassed our expectations and we felt very comfortable with her relax and informal style. We are now in a much better place as a family.
— The Smiths
Due to past abuse early in life and ignorance about its impact in the relationship, we were in constantly turmoil and kept emotionally hurting each other. Working with Dr. Ada we were able to heal past hurts, learn to understand and support each other, and enjoy our passion without feeling guilty.
— A & P
Poder expresarnos in nuestro idioma es una de las principales razones por las que sentimos que la Dra. Ada nos pudo ser de tanta ayuda.

Ademas, su experiencia como consejera, como extranjera, y como persona, nos ayudo a mantener la esperanza de poder encontrar la manera de ajustarnos a esta nueva cultura, sin que nuestra relacion de pareja se desmoronara.
— Alberto y Chely.
Living as a foreign student is not easy. Loneliness, missing my family, and financial problems got me very depressed. Dr. Ada helped me see and evaluate options, learn to navigate a new culture, and regain faith and pride in myself. I’m now almost done with my studies and feel like a new and better person.
— Kamusegue

Dr. Ada,


I think and we talk about you a lot. I just wanted to let you know that things are going very well for us.  I also wanted to thank you sincerely for everything you taught me along our journey together.  You have made me a better husband and a better man and I will never forget all that you did for us. We have both agreed to come back to do maintenance visits on our marriage at some point.

We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Jamaica, kids at home & we had a blast, a romantic time. We also rekindled some things that were lost along the way (See picture!).

Thank you again for everything!

--- M & G