Learn to enjoy small things

Sometimes joy escapes us because we are waiting for something big. In reality, the smallest things in life can bring the largest amount of joy if you “stop and smell the roses.”

Look around you. Be in the moment. Take the little details in. Be thankful for pockets of joy.

In the words of Khalil Gibran,

“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”

Think about little things. Which are those little things about your partner and your mutual love that bring you joy? Stop and take notice of little moments, little acts of kindness, small details. Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing. 

  • The smell of a home cooked meal when you get home.

  • Cuddling together with a great book in front of the fire.

  • The sound of “your” song on the radio.

  • The first kiss after you make up with your sweetie.

  • The look on your beloved’s face as they open your gift.

  • When you hear “I’m proud of you!” from that special someone.

  • The feeling of giving a helping hand without being asked.

  • The sound of “I love you” from your lovers lips.

  • A short sweet text.

  • The knowing look of love that needs no words, no sounds.

Your turn:  Make your own list of small things that bring joy to your lives.  Share it tonight with your partner.  If you want to feel adventuresome, sit together and write 100 small things that bring you joy.