Love in Action

You can feel a lot of love toward your mate. You can say many times "I love you." But If your spouse were asked if you love her, how would she answer? Saying the words “I love you” is important but the expression of love shouldn't stop there.

Shakespeare said: "They do not love that do not show their love.” 

Be intentional with loving. Follow through on your spoken “I love you” by actively expressing your love. Some examples on how to use actions to reaffirm your love can be: 

  • Write a love letter.
  • Help with the household chores.
  • Do something for your spouse that you know will be meaningful for them.
  • Give an unexpected hug!
  • Say “thank you”.  
  • Call with an unexpected invitation for lunch.
  • Text your partner and express appreciation.
  • Call your sweetheart and share what you appreciate about them and why.
  • Write a thank you note to your wife expressing how wonderful you think she is and why.

Show your love by your actions. Don’t put it off! Acting on your love will deepen your connection and bring more joy into your relationship.

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