Winter Morning Joy

The snow has been falling steadily all night and we are stuck at home. Having breakfast and looking out of our french doors to our deck the picture I see is very different from the turquoise Caribbean waters of Cuba, my birthplace. I can’t help but sigh and wish I were there right now, swimming in the warm waters, enjoying the sun in my face, and wriggling my toes in the hot sand. Instead, I’m bundled like a hot tamale, trying to warm my hands around my coffee mug.

White everywhere, how boring to the eyes of one used to the lush greens of the tropics, to the intense colors of the saltwater fish, and to the noisy chatter of the multicolor birds.

But, wait! Here comes a blur of flying red wings landing noiselessly in the white snow. My pilot husband says the cardinal executed a perfect landing under unfavorable howling wind conditions.

It seems to be looking right at me and maybe saying something like: “see? we can have bright colors right here in Delaware, even in the midst of a snow storm.”

And with that, my monochromatic view turns like a kaleidoscope. White or turquoise, grey or green, bright red or deep blue, it’s just a difference in the spectrum of light. Some times just a small turn can bring a whole other experience. Therefore, I just need to focus on The Light, and colors and shapes will realign. 

The joy is in the experience, regardless of the specific color. Experiencing the beginning of the morning with my husband is warmth and love, and peace wrapped into one.

What experience are you going to focus on today? Share with us!

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