May was mental health awareness month

With Mental Health Awareness Month coming to an end, I thought I could share a few helpful tips for couples to take care of their mental health.  

Stress Management Tips:

Learning to manage stress is an excellent way to take care of your mental health. Here are some useful tips: 

  • Identify what makes you feel stressed out and what happens to you when you are experiencing stress (thoughts, feelings, behaviors)
  • Reduce stress by prioritizing what problems need attention
  • Do muscle relaxation, breathing exercises or mindfulness activities alone or with your partner
  • Spend time alone and with your partner doing activities that are joyful and pleasant for both of you.
  • Communicate to your partner about your stress and listen to your partner talking about his or her stress.

For When you have extra stress or experience a crisis, you can get my booklet and recordings on HOW TO CALM YOURSELF IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS. You can't control what life or people throw at you. But you can learn to control your reactions. When you have extra stress  you become overwhelmed, your brain gets overloaded with stress chemicals, which inhibits your capacity to think clearly and to cope. Reading this booklet  and doing the exercises will teach you how to calm yourself in any situation. Learning self-control is priceless and helps you be more resilient and happy. LEARN MORE about how to calm yourself.

Relaxed couple.png

Communication tips: 

When you talk....

  • Use I-statements: Refer to your own experience not to others'
  • Address one topic at a time
  • Be specific about what you need: Don't expect your partner to read your mind

When you listen.....

  • Show attention and interest
  • Listen and understand; don't focus on what you want to say next
  • Ask open questions: Avoid Yes/No Questions
  • Don't criticize or judge, be supportive

For more guidelines about communication, ask for my FREE infographic with Do's and Don'ts of Communication.

Remember. . .

You can help or make worst the stress level of each other. Choose to manage your own stress and it will contribute to less stress in your relationship.